High Resolution Recordings

Our philosophy is based on optimal positioning of microphones and a transparent signal path between the microphones and digital recording device. High quality microphones are expertly placed to capture the natural balance of the performers and the ambience of the recording venue. If done properly the interpretation and sonic character of the performance is preserved and a sense of being there in the room with the performers can be achieved - especially with surround recordings.

Key to obtaining high quality recordings is to use as few devices as possible between the microphones and the recorder and for all components in the chain to be sonically transparent i.e. very low noise, very low distortion and able to handle a wide frequency range without augmenting or degrading the sound. High quality microphones (Schoeps, Neumann) ensure that the full frequency spectrum of the performance is accurately recorded at the source. These microphones are renowned for their sonic accuracy across a very wide range of frequencies and their ability to respond to rapid changes in sound level without introducing distortion.

The microphones feed ultra low noise Millennia Media HV3D preamplifiers whose output is converted into an equivalent digital form using high quality Lynx 24 bit analogue-to-digital converters operating at a sampling rate of 96KHz. The output of the converters is simultaneously recorded to a pair of high-resolution, multi-channel digital hard disk recorders. Using two audio recorders is a precaution - such that if one of them happens to malfunction then the performance can be seamlessly captured on the other.