Piano Recording with Sylvia

I recently spent a lovely evening recording classical pianist Sylvia Jiang at the Lewis Eady showroom in Newmarket. Bill McCarthy was in charge of filming the session and producing the final video, and I provided the high resolution audio to accompany it. A mix of Liszt, Prokofiev, Beethoven and Grieg. The instrument was a Steinway Model B and the space less than ideal but we managed to get a great sound none-the-less using two pairs of microphones. A pair of Schoeps MK21’s mounted 30cm apart, 1.5m high and about 1.5m from the tail of the piano looking down the bass strings (Decca style) and another pair of MK21’s about 60cm apart and 2m in front of the piano well and about 1.8m high looking down under the lid.

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